Restore Wellness Through Paleo Diet With Kelly E.

Changing old habits is challenging, especially regarding food eating, and Kelly E. is familiar with it. Despite having no serious medical condition, she experienced several signs that her body needed nourishment. To restore wellness became her ultimate goal. Her journey of incorporating nutrient-dense foods into your daily routine will give you a glimpse of the transformative power of the paleo diet.

Kelly’s Background

In 2013, Kelly from Root To Sky Kitchen graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Arts in illustration. Since then, she has channeled her creativity into everyday cooking. She truly believes that food has the innate ability to heal and protect us. So Kelly listens to her intuition and self-awareness when nourishing her body. 

Like most people, Kelly was raised in Ontario, Canada, where people eat factory-farmed and highly processed foods ridden with herbicides, pesticides, and glyphosate. At the age of 14, she became a lacto-ovo vegetarian. This means she consumes fruits and vegetables along with the typical nutrient-deficient foods. 

Despite having no ‘serious’ medical conditions, Kelly had low iron, low energy, low self-esteem, and was hypoglycaemic. She also had an abundance of cavities, mild depression, and cystic acne. It was her body crying for help.

Restore Wellness By Fueling The Body With The Nutritious Paleo Food

Eventually, after getting an internship position with Sustain Ontario, a Toronto-based alliance for healthy food and farming, she soaked up every bit of knowledge on biodynamic farming, permaculture, food prep, kitchen literacy, and organic gardening. 

Kelly changed how she ate. She dove deeper into the world of plant-based food and became intuitively drawn toward organic, fresh fruits and vegetables. For her, she felt more energetic and clear than she had ever before.

While she knows that what works for every person is different, she comes into the health and wellness space to share what brings her joy at this time. She has found that focusing on organic/biodynamic, “healthy,” simple, natural foods is the most satisfying with the powerful whole codes from nature’s wisdom. 

Going through her journey, she has moved away from old habits and now only craves high-vibrational foods. She has transitioned from a mindset of “I am not allowed to” to “I want to include this, this, and this.” Food is nourishment and fuel. Kelly believes it’s a huge expression of self-love and self-care.

She also views food as information and comes to understand its ability to change her overall mind, body, and spirit.

Kelly invites you to pick and choose what resonates with you. You need to trust and follow your divine intuition and restore wellness, power, and unique ways of thriving. All without too much attachment because everything changes.

Kelly’s Experiment With Paleo Recipes

Kelly occasionally likes to experiment and add “supplements” to her recipes (actual food, nootropics, and adaptogens). However, she prefers simplicity and low-fuss recipes. Kelly’s recipes are meant to be experimented with and personalized to suit your preferences. 

Kelly shares her paleo recipes that reflect her current style of eating — 99% organic/biodynamic, full of color and abundance, nutrient-dense, from the earth, and informed by the seasons where she lives. 

She truly believes that all whole foods are “superfoods” and that spending a fortune on the trendiest supplement is unnecessary. Instead, she makes it a priority to feel amazing after eating; these recipes are a small sample of what works for her. 

Breakfasts are a richly nourishing start to your day with recipes like raspberry tahini pancakes, and spiced banana bread. She also included carrot nut muffins and a savory loaded breakfast bowl with chlorella pesto. If that’s not enough to get you started, Kelly also gives you beverage options like healing ginger and turmeric tonic. She also serves matcha tea and a supercharged green smoothie. 

For your mid-day pick-me-up, Kelly loves dishes like dal chat with sepen (Tibetan hot sauce), Ayurvedic kitchari served with curry fries and miso gravy, or buckwheat gnocchi. 

The deliciousness doesn’t stop there because you still have dinners. And Kelly has quite the menu. With dishes like pan-seared cauliflower steaks, tempeh bowls with peanut sauce, and soba noodles with garlicky kale mashed potatoes, you’ll be looking forward to your next meal as soon as you’re done eating.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kelly, reach out or follow her on Instagram @roottoskykitchen


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Restore Wellness Through Paleo Diet With Kelly E. 

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