For years, Kim O’Keefe followed a very strict vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. For her, that meant a lot of grains/legumes and not as much protein as she needed. Despite following several different nutritional protocols, Kim just didn’t feel as healthy as she thought she would. Eating ‘healthy’ left her bloated, tired, moody, and feeling puffy.


Aside from eating healthy, Kim also hit the gym regularly, but lifting weights never got her the results she expected. And when it came to that ‘time of the month’, she would experience unbearable pain, exhaustion, bloating, and moodiness. What wasn’t actually normal became her ‘normal.’


It wasn’t until November 2018 that she discovered a series on Netflix called “The Paleo Way.” Thinking that there wasn’t really an option for her, being a vegetarian, she decided to give it a try in an effort to make her feel better. After eliminating all grains, including rice and quinoa, removing sugars, soy, dairy, and alcohol, Kim noticed something was changing. Her energy had picked up, she wasn’t bloated, and she didn’t feel sick after eating — she was finally feeling good.


Kim found that meal prepping was the biggest key to her success. Preparing her meals and snacks at the beginning of the week meant there was always something handy when she was hungry. Although she loves cooking, she doesn’t love spending hours in the kitchen, so meals are quick, healthy, simple, and delicious (like her chocolate chip banana bread!)


To follow Kim on her journey, check out her Instagram page (@kimmyokeefefitness)!


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