A busy mom to a 9 month old boy and twins, Kirstie Cotter knows that sometimes life can get a little crazy so food needs to be simple. After a serious health scare almost 8 years ago, Kirstie found herself intrigued by the paleo and low-carb lifestyle. 


Kirstie has had type I diabetes since the age of 6, but it wasn’t until mismanagement of her diabetes started to catch up with her and landed her in the hospital for a week that she realized it was time to do something. Trying the high-carb, low-fat diets that doctors recommended to manage blood sugar just weren’t working and were causing her to gain weight.


After doing her own research, Kirstie decided to give the low-carb/paleo eating style a go. To her pleasant surprise, it worked. While paleo doesn’t necessarily promote “low-carb,” Kirstie feels best eating that way but doesn’t limit her recipes to solely low-carb; most of her recipes are paleo compliant, others are primal!


Check out Kirstie’s Simple Chicken Roast with Veggies recipe.


Kirstie’s main teaching lesson from her paleo journey is that eating low carb or paleo doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. Do your best and do what works for your body. Keep meals simple and delicious and learn to get creative with leftovers.


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