Lana Laz isn’t new to the paleo lifestyle — it’s been something she’s been doing on and off for years. When she follows it, she’s full of energy and losing weight, and when she’s not, she’s gaining weight, having digestive issues, and waking up with headaches.


A few years ago, Lana transitioned into a project management career, which meant life got a little sidetracked. She was busy and found herself 20 lbs. heavier than she wanted, her muscles were aching, and her sleep schedule was completely haywire, so she was constantly tired. It finally clicked that if she could successfully manage complex projects with a budget and timelines, team members and stakeholders, and a myriad of moving parts and uncertainty, she could definitely manage herself. 


Lana made a decision that her health needed to be a priority; she wanted to be the leanest, fittest and most energetic version of herself. Knowing that a rigid, strict diet wasn’t going to work for her, she adopted a short-term keto eating style that eventually would transition her to low-carb/paleo once she hit her goal weight. She stayed on keto for about 4 months and lost the extra 20 lbs she was carrying, learned to recognize when she was actually hungry, and learned to eat intuitively. 


Currently, Lana practices a modified version of intermittent fasting, starting her morning off with a cup of coffee, occasionally adding a bit of cream or a scoop of collagen peptides. Her first meal is around 11am-1pm and second meal around 6-8pm. She’s a big advocate of eating seasonally and enjoys fresh produce, like blueberries, peaches, and apples, when it’s their time to shine. 


Lana doesn’t believe in rigidity or deprivation. Instead, she allows herself to indulge every so often in a bowl of ice cream, a slice of cake, or a glass of wine. But she also knows exercise is important. Over the years, Lana has done it all — running, HIIT, resistance training, bootcamps, you name it. When she adopted the paleo lifestyle, she decided to stick with exercises she enjoyed like walking, hiking, Zumba, yoga, and ice skating. She listens to her body and mind and takes days off when she needs them.


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With a purpose of making delicious vegetable and protein based meals, Lana created her instagram account @__Home_Cooked__, so if you’re looking for inspiration, check her out!


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