Paleo For Weight Loss With Lana Laz

The constant battle of trying to lose weight can be a frustrating experience, and for Lana Laz, it was a battle she fought for years. However, she found a solution to the paleo diet and turned her life around. In this article, we share Lana’s inspiring story of how she tried paleo for weight loss and improved her health. Read on to discover her struggles and the impact a paleo lifestyle had on her journey.

Lana’s Constant Battle Of Trying To Lose Weight 

Lana isn’t new to the paleo lifestyle. It’s been something she’s been doing on and off for years. When she follows it, she’s full of energy and losing weight. When she’s not, she’s gaining weight, having digestive issues, and waking up with headaches.

A few years ago, Lana transitioned into a project management career, which meant life got a little sidetracked. She was busy and found herself 20 pounds heavier than she wanted, her muscles were aching, and her sleep schedule was completely haywire, so she was constantly tired. She could definitely manage herself if she could manage complex projects with a budget and timelines, team members and stakeholders, and a myriad of moving parts and uncertainty. 

Adapting To Paleo For Weight Loss

Lana made the decision that her health needed to be a priority. She wanted to be the leanest, fittest, and most energetic version of herself. Knowing that a rigid, strict diet wouldn’t work for her, Lana adopted a short-term keto eating style that would eventually transition her to low-carb/paleo once she hit her goal weight. She stayed on keto for about four months and lost the extra 20 pounds she was carrying. She learned to recognize when she was hungry and learned to eat intuitively. 

Currently, Lana practices a modified version of intermittent fasting. She starts her morning with a cup of coffee, occasionally adding a bit of cream or a scoop of collagen peptides. Her first meal is around 11 a.m.–1 p.m., and her second is around 6–8 p.m. She’s an advocate of eating seasonally and enjoys fresh produce, like blueberries, peaches, and apples, when it’s their time to shine. 

Lana doesn’t believe in rigidity or deprivation. Instead, she allows herself to indulge every so often in a bowl of ice cream or a slice of cake. But she also knows exercise is important. 

Over the years, Lana has done it all—running, High-Intensity Interval Traning (HIIT), resistance training, boot camps—you name it. She stuck to activities she enjoyed when she began the paleo lifestyle, such as walking, hiking, Zumba, yoga, and ice skating. She listens to her body and mind and takes days off when needed.

Lana Shows Off Her Paleo Recipe Creations

In an effort to show people her paleo recipe creations, Lana created her Instagram page, which is filled with pure deliciousness.

Lana doesn’t always eat breakfast; she usually just has a cup of coffee. When she wakes up hungry, she makes herself a big meal that holds her until dinner. In her paleo menu, she’s given you three recipes per day, but if you’re like her and don’t generally eat in the morning, choose two of the three!

Breakfasts sound amazing with recipes like shakshuka, banana pancakes, cheesy asparagus frittata, and banana bread. Lunches and dinners are simple, delicious, and quick with recipes like Greek salmon salad, chicken confit with garlic dill potatoes, chicken schnitzel with roasted broccolini, rosemary roasted chicken thighs, and cast iron flank steak with wilted kale.

Lana’s recipes should definitely be on your radar if you’re looking for healthy and delicious paleo meals using fresh, whole ingredients. See her Instagram account @__home_cooked__ and be ready for the mouthwatering dishes that she has.


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Paleo For Weight Loss With Lana Laz

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