As a long time health and wellness lover, Lindsay Hale truly believes that food is medicine — her belief is that everything we manifest in our bodies and minds is linked to the quality of food we put into our body.


Lindsay’s journey into the world of paleo started after being deployed to Iraq in 2009 with the United States Army. 


After a year of consuming highly processed and prepackaged food, her mind and body were in a state of constant inflammation, which led to practically non-existent energy levels, frequent headaches, joint pain, and severe brain fog. After realizing that this version of her wasn’t quite right, she needed to get back to focusing on foods in their natural, unrefined form. 


After six weeks of filling up on fruits and vegetables, small portions of lean meat and healthy fats, her energy levels returned and the brain fog disappeared. Within 10 weeks, Lindsay’s joint pain and headaches were gone and she was able to get back to running. Now, ten years into paleo, she has never felt better and following the paleo lifestyle with simple meals is her key to staying consistent. 


Lindsay’s Tips for Healthy Eating/Lifestyle


When you think about health goals what comes to mind? Is it to lose weight or have more energy? These are wonderful goals but I challenge you to think long term. Thinking long term helps to convert goals into routines. Here is an exercise I like to do with people. How do you want to feel 20-30 years from now? Find a picture in a magazine of someone doing an activity you love that is 20-30 years older that you find inspiring. Then make a list of how you want to eat, what exercises will help your body reach that goal, what mental shifts will you have to make so the future you is what you aspire to be. 


Small steady changes are the best changes. When refocusing eating habits do not overhaul everything at once. Try changing just one meal group per day for a week or choose two days off of this menu. 


If you are an impatient cook like I am, look for foods that you can cook in large amounts that will serve multiple meals.  For example, Day 1 dinner on this menu calls for sweet potatoes as does Day 2 breakfast. Save time and cook the amount for breakfast you need the night before.


To incorporate more whole foods and ease out of processed food revamp your pantry and refrigerator. Take a red marker and add a big dot to any foods you do want to phase out. When you use it up do not buy red dot items anymore. 


Try to purchase organic when possible. At a minimum use organic for the dirty dozen. Strawberries, spinach, kale, nectarines, apples, grapes, peaches, cherries, pears, tomatoes, celery, potatoes. 


Eat intuitively but be mindful. If your body is craving something green, fruit, a protein give it what it wants. This means the occasional indulgence too. I love cake. When I crave cake for more than a day or two I have a small piece. Listen to your body, but be mindful when it comes to indulgences. Walk away for 30-60 minutes and drink a glass of water. Check in if that is still what you are craving. Often times for me it is emotionally driven to crave sweets. “


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