Being in the healthcare industry and working long hours, Meredith Romano knows that eating healthy is important. Like many other people, she fell into the trap of thinking that because you workout hard at the gym, you can eat whatever you want — and that wasn’t the case. Despite spending hours and hours training, Meredith found herself continually gaining weight, which left her unhappy, self-conscious, and desperate to lose what she had gained. 


In an effort to turn it around, she started learning about macronutrient requirements and how to determine what her body needs, which led to an obsession with calorie counting. Although she tracked everything she ate, Meredith wasn’t reaching her goals. She spent hours making meal plans to meet her macronutrients and shamed herself whenever she enjoyed a cheat meal or a cocktail. 


Meredith then came across paleo — and she was instantly hooked. Not only did it help her to stop counting calories and restricting food, but it transformed her life. Allowing herself to enjoy treats every now and again became important, so she follows the 80/20 rule — 80% whole foods and 20% non-paleo, and she doesn’t feel bad about it. 


For her, meal prep is key. Working 10 hour shifts, having healthy breakfast and lunches ready to go means consistency and no chance of resorting to junk food. Batch cooking helps to avoid the urge to buy and makes meals easy. Check out her chorizo egg cups for a supersimple breakfast option!


Meredith knows that we all lead busy lives — we have full time jobs, children, thriving social lives, hobbies, travel, and the like — and while the initial transition to paleo can be daunting, it’s a lifestyle that can fit seamlessly into a busy life.


Want to know her key to success? 


  1. Keep it easy and simple
  2. Find foods you enjoy and focus on recipes that use those
  3. Meal prep
  4. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall offtrack, just get back on as soon as possible
  5. Avoid restrictive mindset
  6. Never compare yourself to other people 

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