As a food blogger and graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute, Sara Furcini’s paleo journey began after her husband’s diagnosis with an autoimmune condition. It was recommended that he go paleo to help with his condition, and like any other supportive wife, Sara did too. In order to help him recover, they both embraced a strict paleo menu, and while frustrating at times, it forced her to get creative. 


Going paleo has given Sara a new perspective on the importance of meal planning, batch cooking, and appreciating how nutrient dense foods can be. While buying grass-fed and pastured meat can be quite expensive, Sara tends to search for the ‘unpopular’ cuts of grass-fed meat, which are often cheaper. She also makes a point to restrict starches and load up on nutrient-dense foods like broccoli rice, organic berries, and avocado.


While she’s still sorting out how to cook intuitively, week by week it gets easier. But the most important thing for her is that her husband is feeling better.


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