Sierra Staplin is all aboard the clean ingredients and real food train. She wholeheartedly believes that healthy eating does more than just nourish your physical body — it also nourishes your mind and your life. 


After three years of chronic digestion issues, Sierra finally made the transition to paleo. Eating fresh, whole ingredients allowed her to feel her absolute best and get her digestive health back on track. After all, real food allows the body to heal and for Sierra, it was time to feel good — and keep feeling good.


The version of paleo Sierra follows is tailored to her body — she does what works for her. And she advises people to find what works for them, their body and their lifestyle. Even if something isn’t 100% paleo and it works for you, don’t be scared to include it in your diet. Sierra found that paleo worked best for her by finding foods that she enjoyed that made her feel good. 


Sierra’s recipes, like for example her Tortilla Soup, reflect the clean eating lifestyle but also contain modifications to fit paleo. While she tends to stay away from the super carb heavy meals, she finds ways to make recipes so she doesn’t feel like she’s missing out. With her recipes and her blog, Sierra hopes to inspire others to eat real, fresh foods and figure out what works for their body. 


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