Staci Thavirat Shares Allergy Friendly Recipes

If you live with allergies, then eating healthily can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Finding alternatives and exciting ingredients that cater to any and all dietary restrictions can be difficult, time-consuming, and often expensive. Through years of cooking experience, Staci Thavirat launched a page to help make cooking easy for anybody trying their hardest to stay healthy despite having severe reactions to certain meals. She is passionate about creating allergy friendly recipes while keeping food exciting and enjoyable!

Creation Of Staxfeeds With A Mission Of Sharing Allergy Friendly Recipes

Created by Staci, Staxfeeds is an Instagram page dedicated to providing healthy and allergy friendly recipes to the public.

But who exactly is Staci? For over 15 years, Staci has been glued to the kitchen—whether working in restaurants, catering, or simply cooking for her family. Staci’s paleo journey started in 2011 before she went on an expedition to Europe with her husband. Staci decided it was time to get in the best shape for her trip. By switching to paleo, they found that not only did they look and feel better, but creating meals in the kitchen became much more exciting!

We all know that paleo can take a bit of work initially, but it becomes quite easy once you get the ball rolling. And let’s face it—most of us don’t have time to cook every meal from scratch. Want to know Staci’s tip? 

Set aside some time to cook up meals ahead of time. Invest a few hours in cooking a few recipes you can quickly grab during the week for those times when cooking just isn’t in the plan. Spice up meals by making sauces or dressings to add flavor and liven it up. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Staci’s Simple, No-Fuss, And Healthy Meals

As a total foodie, Staci has cooked up the most delicious paleo menu for you.

For breakfasts, she’s planned things like veggie and herb frittata, fluffy scrambled eggs with spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms, or coconut yogurt bowls. If you’re generally in a time crunch in the morning, opt for her creamy coconut mango and apricot smoothie or pretty in pink smoothie bowl—quick, easy, and packed full of nutrients.

For lunches and dinners, she definitely doesn’t skimp out on the flavor. Choose from options like seared lemon salmon with sautéed curry vegetables, bison chili with roasted carrots and pesto, carrot and ginger soup, and garlic roasted chicken with honeyed acorn squash!

But that’s not it. If you’re a bit of a snacker, she’s got you covered there too. She’s planned snacks like garlicky tomato guacamole with crudites, eggplant caponata with nutcrackers, and even homemade apple cider pickles! Simple but incredibly healthy and delicious.

With Staci, paleo is all about simple, no-fuss, and healthy meals — that’s exactly why she’s here. Be sure to check out her Instagram to see what she’s up to!


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Staci Thavirat Shares Allergy Friendly Recipes

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