As a full-time working wife and mom of a baby girl, Susan Herrlein’s days are busy. When she gets time to herself, you’ll find Susan in the kitchen creating healthy and delicious paleo inspired meals for her friends and family.


Susan has always had a passion for healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, but it wasn’t until her daughter, Clare, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in 2016 that things took a little turn. Her daughters health became her number one priority — doing everything she possibly could to strengthen her body and provide her with the best life possible. Susan has always turned to food as a method of healing and helping her and her family to feel their best, but after the diagnosis, she wanted to share her passion and recipes more than ever.


Susan strives to help people understand that we all struggle with trying to manage life and living healthy, but it can be done. Through her instagram and website, Susan shares her love of healthy eating and how food can bring people together and provide them with the best life they can live.


Check out Susan’s awesome Strawberry Avocado Nice Cream!


Check out her instagram (@readyprepheal) and her website to find all of her amazing recipes.


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