Tory Griswold isn’t new to the world of body image issues. For as long as she can remember, she has struggled with Body Dysmorphia Disorder (BDD) — a mental illness that involves obsessive focus on a perceived flaw in physical appearance. We live in a world that doesn’t like to talk about mental illness, but these issues are real. For Tory, BDD is a feeling of utter discomfort; you do not feel comfortable in your own skin and you are left with the feeling of being trapped in your own body.


After struggling through these issues for ages, Tory developed anxiety, which she found the only way to control was through controlling her diet. Counting calories, skipping meals, and eating high fibre foods were her go-to methods. After years of restrictive dieting and late night food binges, Tory was in desperate need of relief.


After much research, Tory began a transition to paleo in 2016, not because it was another “fad” diet to participate in, but because it was a lifestyle. Removing processed foods from her diet allowed her to not only re-establish a healthy relationship with food, but gave her mind clarity and a sense of peace; it allowed her to live without obsessing over body image. Turning paleo gave Tory an opportunity to learn to love her body and love herself for who she was. While she still struggles from time to time, she has gained the tools to overcome negative thoughts associated with food and body image. Paleo has given her a new level of confidence and has helped her stop defining her self-worth solely based off her body image.


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Tory believes that everyone needs to find their personal balance and a healthy relationship with food and she wants to inspire people to do that. Check out her website at and follow her on Instagram (@nourishingtheglow) to get access to all her recipes and inspiration!


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