Perfect Keto Reviews: The Pros and Cons of Their Supplements

No doubt, there are many highly popular keto supplement brands, but keto enthusiasts and doctors who use ketogenic therapies recommend Perfect Keto, as it offers lots of benefits for a keto plan at a negligible price. Let’s have a look at Perfect Keto reviews. 

The issue with keto diets is that you need to be careful. If you take the wrong supplement, your body will get out of ketosis and ruin all your hard work… not to mention waste your money!

Since we started living a primal lifestyle and trying low-carb diets while running Paleo Menu, needless to say, we’ve had to try a lot of keto products, and we’ve realized that Perfect Keto offers more benefits than other brands.

What Is Perfect Keto?

Perfect Keto is a resource center and supplement company producing effective and clean supplements. This product makes it convenient enough to follow a ketogenic diet and get quicker results. 

Perfect Keto is meant to provide you with everything from energy and mental focus for your weight loss plans. 

Getting into a keto diet and then maintaining it can be hard. You might have to face several difficulties if you want to improve focus, lose weight, and be fit, especially while working out at the gym. 

Perfect Keto offers the most cost-effective and productive supplements on the market. Their products encourage you to get into ketosis quicker and help you maintain it. 

You will find primarily two products:

  • Exogenous ketones, which provide extra ketones for your body and brain to use,  and
  • MCT oil powder.

These two products offer you help to get into ketosis easier and quicker. The benefits come without the price tag and the side effects of their competitors. 

Before discussing the results and the benefits, we think you should have a better idea about these products and the delectable flavors that they come in. 

The Perfect Keto Base (BSB)

The Perfect Keto crowd favorite is the beta-hydroxybutyrate salt ketone supplement. This is an energy-rich and low-calorie rush of ketones that are sweetened with natural ingredients, thereby satiating your sweet tooth while helping you achieve your goals. 

Sounds good so far? It gets even better.

According to Perfect Keto, one serving will improve your ketone levels and boost the results of your keto diet. Moreover, just like any other supplement, it has zero carbs and hardly any calories. 

You will find five different flavors of Perfect Keto. These include:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Salted Caramel
  • Peaches and Cream
  • Coffee

Take your pick!

ChocolateVanillaPeaches & Cream​Salted CaramelCoffee

The MCT Oil Powder

Pure MCT is a kind of saturated fat that boosts ketone production directly and can really help someone during the transition to keto. It metabolizes into ketones rapidly, providing the body with added focus and energy. 

The oil powder from Perfect Keto is made from coconuts and doesn’t contain any additives or synthetic ingredients. It’s also low in calories and carbohydrates, making this a no-brainer for your diet goals.  

MCT oil is known to provide you with an immediate rush of good fats to get into ketosis. However, these could be tough on the stomach for most people. Through the years of following low-carb diets, we’ve learned that powders are a better option. 

Even when you are not on a keto diet, MCTs can be an excellent source of sustained energy. Studies have shown that they contain some of the best energy sources for the body.

It is available in four flavors:

  • Unflavored
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Salted Cream
UnflavoredChocolateVanilla​Salted Caramel

What Ingredients Does Perfect Keto Contain?

Many brands in the health industry are so evasive with their ingredients, so we very much appreciate that Perfect Keto is 100%  transparent when it comes to listing their product ingredients. 

Other popular keto brands tend to be more tight-lipped with their BHB ketones. No one really knows how much is in each serving. 

We’re happy to say that that’s not the case with Perfect Keto. 

BHB Ingredients

Beta-hydroxybutyrate, natural flavor, monk fruit extract, and stevia (both – plant-based sweeteners) are the ingredients of Perfect Keto BHB Salts.

You will need about 11 g of ketones to kick-start your body into a keto diet and fight off keto flu. The yummy taste without the calories and carb content is a result of the combination of monk fruit extracts and natural sweeteners. 

Based on the flavor you have chosen, you will also find Citric acid, Malic acid, Coffee, or Calcium silicate in their assortments.

MCT Powder Ingredients

The primary ingredients of MCT Oil Powder by Perfect Keto are pure MCT oil powder containing acacia fiber, natural flavors like chocolate or vanilla, and stevia leaf powder or extract. 

Their salted caramel contains sea salt. Everything that goes into it is completely natural. 

Advantages of Perfect Keto

One of the top benefits of Perfect Keto is that it increases your body temperature instantly. This makes it convenient for you to achieve ketosis, which leads to weight loss, increased endurance, and better brain function. 

When you regularly use MCT oils and BHB salts as a supplement while on a ketogenic diet, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Lose Weight Faster: It has been proven by science that being in ketosis will help you burn body fat. MCT oils and BHBs will enable you to lose weight faster and offer clean energy you require to help you work out harder in the gym.  

Both also suppress appetite effectively. People have reported experiencing less hunger ninety minutes after consuming exogenous ketones. 

  • Be More Focused: When you take exogenous ketones, it helps your brain run on  more clean energy. Thus, it functions more effectively. So you will forget about brain fog and be able to keep  a better focus on things throughout the day. 
  • Workout Longer: Apart from being an excellent source of pure energy, MCTs also help in augmenting endurance in athletes. If you have to train harder while in the state of ketosis, you need to try out exogenous ketones. 

It is a secret weapon and will help you to recover and achieve your goals faster. Research has shown that training powered by ketosis improved fat oxidation, body composition, and also a certain level of performance. 

  • Get Clean and Fast Energy: MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides)  are known to be one of the most efficient sources of natural energy. Studies have shown that these get converted by the body almost immediately into ketones.  

It is not like carbs, which can increase your insulin levels. Ketones offer sustained clean energy for the whole day. 

  • Consume Clean Ingredients: What we love about Perfect Keto is it uses all-natural and clean ingredients in the products. 

This is a lot in comparison to the amount you should consume per day, which is 20. Perfect Keto is zero carbs and has just 20 calories. With this product, it’s easier to stick to your limits. 

Does Perfect Keto REALLY Work?

In a nutshell… yes.

Perfect Keto definitely delivers what it should. What we liked most about the company is the fact they don’t make big claims or offer a guarantee that the supplements they provide will help in vanishing fat or giving you a slim figure overnight. 

Because that’s not how metabolic processes work. 

The claims made by Perfect Keto are quite straightforward and simple. They state that the products they offer will improve your adherence to a keto diet if you do it right and help you gain the additional energy you require to achieve your fitness goals. 

Nevertheless, you should not forget that results vary from one person to the other. Just because something has worked for someone doesn’t mean it is going to work for you, too. 

The benefits listed above have already made Perfect Keto a popular product and an ideal solution for many keto fans.

Hear It From The Keto Lovers

Blaze Bell – Motivational Speaker and Health Coach

“This brand is really speaking my language. Clean, simple nutrition labels.”

Later she goes on to say:

“I am 100% on board with Perfect Keto’s entire clean keto line of products.”

That’s some pretty big praise.

KetoGirl – Chicago Diet Bloggers Who’s Lost 50 lbs on Keto so Far

KetoGirl tried Perfect Keto and loved it. She felt more energetic and focused within 30 minutes. That was even faster than me. She also loved the price and the honesty of the company.

“I find it really convenient to have on hand for those days when I need extra energy or focus. I feel the effects of it even when I only use a partial scoop (which means a tub lasts longer) and the price is more affordable than the other options I’ve seen on the market without any MLM strings attached.”

How to Consume Perfect Keto?

Perfect Keto can be consumed in different ways. The first method is to mix it with water, nut milk, coffee, or any other keto-friendly liquid. Add half a scoop if you are transitioning to Keto and one scoop when you are already on a keto diet.

Another method is to bake into keto-friendly foods. You can try the latter if you are feeling adventurous and bake some fresh cookies. 

According to Perfect Keto, if you are a beginner and or worried about the side effects, you should start with as little as ¼th of a scoop. 

Our experts at Paleo Menu are already deep into their fitness programs and use full scoops in their morning shakes or coffee. No side effects to date!

The good thing about Perfect Keto is that it has good taste, which makes it versatile. You can use Perfect Keto to mix it into shakes or coffee with a dollop of cream for additional flavor. 

You can mix it with your ice coffee, too. Add some cream, and ice-cubes, and you will have a great keto-friendly shake to kick-start your day.

When is the Ideal Time to Take Perfect Keto?

The ideal time to consume Perfect Keto is when you need an energy boost, like just before your workout or a hike. If your goal is to improve your body composition, do not mix Perfect Keto in the same meal with carbs. 

Depending on the time of consumption, there are various benefits.

  • Pre-Workout: When you consume it before workouts, it will give you an energy boost. Thus, you will train for a longer time. 
  • In the Morning: If you take a scoop of Perfect Keto with your morning shake or coffee, it will help in focusing better and set the body in fat-burning mode throughout the day. 
  • On an empty stomach: According to Perfect Keto, if you consume the supplement on an empty stomach, it will help with better absorption and will enable you to focus better.

Things to Consider Before Taking Perfect Keto: The Side Effects

Before consuming Perfect Keto, you need to keep in mind that a keto supplement or a keto diet can lead to an upset stomach, particularly when you have a sensitive belly.

You might have heard or read about the dreaded keto flu or other problems related to the stomach, which can be caused by such stomach supplements. However, there is nothing much to worry about with Perfect Keto. 

Even though you might experience some side effects from MCTs and BHBs, such as an upset stomach, you can immediately lower the dosage to ¼ scoop till you feel like increasing it. It will improve your symptoms quickly.

Many people have reported that they didn’t experience any side effects. However, they did feel a mild headache once in a blue moon. It can be because of the keto diet or because they forgot to keep themselves hydrated and take their electrolytes. It might also be caused by the other supplements they consume. 

Perfect Keto doesn’t have any severe side effects. In case you have a sensitive stomach, it is better to start with a small dose. Also, you should talk to your physician before starting a diet or a supplement. 

Will Perfect Keto Suit You?

Perfect Keto is a product that successfully delivers what it promises to its customers. We would recommend it to anyone who wants to follow a keto diet, even if it is just for cost-saving or better taste.

Our experts felt an instantaneous energy boost and obtained better results after working out at the gym. Another thing we noticed was that it makes you crave less for snacks. Thus, it makes it easier for you to stick to your prescribed diet. 

However, don’t forget that this is not a cure-all supplement that will melt away all your fat. 

When Pruvit Keto OS is compared to Perfect Keto, the latter comes out better. 

  • It tastes much better, and consumers have enjoyed taking Perfect Keto. 
  • It is healthier and contains fewer carbs and calories per serving. 
  • It is quite affordable as it offers the same or more benefits as the other one at a lower cost. 
  • It is more honest, and in comparison, Pruvit comes across as a little shady. 
  • With Perfect Keto, you will be able to purchase the product directly from the store and will tell what is in them. Users tend to like this honesty about the company. 

Perfect Keto helps you ease into the keto diet and enables you to achieve results at a faster pace. It is a great keto supplement and is better than other popular products in several ways. 

How Much Does Perfect Keto Cost and Where Can You Get It?

If you have to get an idea as to how much Perfect Keto costs, first compare it with its competitors. Those have been around for some time and are used by many people without thinking much about the cost involved. Check the features and benefits first. 

In comparison to Pruvit and other popular resources, you will find that Perfect Keto is a more affordable alternative that is effective in every way. Other companies charge $150 or more for keto products, while Perfect Keto products cost $60. It raises some questions,

  • Why would you consider spending 150% more on supplements that might not be effective enough?
  • Why do other companies charge so much for products that aren’t good?

There are many places where you will be able to buy this product. In case you haven’t come across one, you can check here to get them at the best price. 


  • No additives or fillers
  • 100% made in the United States of America
  • 100% money-back guarantee and satisfaction
  • Comes in two delectable flavors
  • Created by a professional clinician
  • Much more affordable than the other supplements in the market. 


  • Comes in a smaller size than the other products in the market

Final Thoughts

Perfect Keto offers a wide range of high-quality products that can support your health and wellness goals, especially if you follow a ketogenic lifestyle. Their products are made with clean, natural ingredients that can help you achieve your desired results without compromising your health.

With their commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, you can trust that Perfect Keto will provide you with the best possible experience. So if you’re looking to take your health to the next level, we highly encourage you to give Perfect Keto a try and see for yourself the amazing benefits that their products can provide.

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Perfect Keto Reviews: The Pros and Cons of Their Supplements

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