Rachel Galperin’s Story: Overcoming Unhealthy Eating And Autoimmune Issues Through A Paleo Transition

Battling autoimmune issues and unhealthy eating habits, Rachel’s paleo transition story is proof of her resilience and self-discovery. Join her adventure into Paleo, where she found relief from pain, regained mental clarity, and embraced a flexible approach to wellness.

About Rachel Galperin

Rachel Galperin is a certified health coach who used to work on TV shows as a television casting producer. She loves reading a lot – around 100 books a year! Rachel is also a poet, writer, and artist and makes tasty recipes. But, before becoming a health coach, she had a tough time with unhealthy eating and autoimmune issues.

Rachel tried many things like detox and juice craze, hoping to feel better. Doctors turned her away, making her feel really sad. She even tried being thin and counting calories, hoping it would fix everything.

The good news? Rachel beat her struggles with unhealthy eating and is now 100% better. She’s also mindful of her autoimmune health. As a health coach, she shares what she learned, helping others on their health journeys. Rachel’s story is about staying strong, discovering herself, and helping others find their way to health and happiness.

Rachel’s Paleo Transition

In early 2020, Rachel kicked off her Paleo transition, wanting to start the Autoimmune Protocol later that year. Taking it slow, she eased into the protocol over six months. Before diving into Paleo, Rachel dealt with thyroid and gut issues for years. Doctors turned her away, making her feel bad about herself. Frustrated with their comments, saying, “She is fine,” and not even doing a lab test, she stopped seeing them. Even when they did tests, they said she couldn’t get medication because her labs weren’t good enough. 

Dealing with classic symptoms and getting sicker, Rachel reached a point where she felt exhausted all the time, and everything she ate caused rashes or worse. Her digestion was off, and 95% of what she ate came out whole in her stool. 

“I was miserable,” as Rachel would describe her situation. 

Feeling unhappy, she took control and started the Autoimmune Protocol diet (AIP) in late 2020 to heal her gut.

Rachel’s journey into the Paleo lifestyle brought significant physical and mental changes. Her most noticeable difference was her ability to eat without pain for the first time in years. Adopting the Autoimmune Protocol felt like a miracle, giving her body a fresh start. Within a few weeks, she felt clearer mentally, and her digestion started improving.

As a committed Paleo advocate, Rachel adjusted her diet over the years. She stuck to the Autoimmune Protocol for about eight months before gradually reintroducing some foods. With time, she successfully included more foods she thought she’d never eat again. 

Rachel now takes a flexible approach to Paleo, not sticking to one strict diet. Roughly 90% of the time, she follows the Paleo lifestyle, occasionally incorporating foods like rice, making up about 10% of her diet. She believes in adapting to life’s seasons, understanding that what worked before may change as life evolves.

Rachel’s Paleo Transition Challenges

When Rachel first switched to the Paleo diet, she faced some challenges in changing her eating habits. Her diet wasn’t nutritionally balanced before, and she realized some gaps weren’t helping her thyroid issues. Giving up her usual breakfast, like oatmeal, grains, and nut butter, was tough. She relied on nut and seed butter as a protein source as a vegetarian. 

Transitioning away from these wasn’t easy, but Rachel took it slow, giving herself time. It’s been more than three years since she stopped eating them, and surprisingly, her taste buds and gut now tell her they don’t like nut butter, a funny change considering her past addiction.

Rachel shares that her relationship with food has never been better. Before going Paleo, she struggled with binge eating, impacting her autoimmune health. Transitioning to Paleo became an opportunity to heal her relationship with food. She focused on patterns she built up and started listening to her body. Recovering from binge eating for four years, Rachel’s mindset is now at its best.

Beyond physical changes, the Paleo lifestyle has improved Rachel’s mindset, energy levels, and overall outlook on health and wellness. Embracing the Autoimmune Protocol diet made her rethink what she consumed and how it affected her body. Concentrating on nutrient-dense foods and meals has completely transformed her health.

Rachel’s Favorite Paleo Recipes

Rachel relies on simple and quick stir-fries and hashes in her daily meals, especially when she hasn’t planned her week’s meals. Her go-to template includes three parts carby root veggies, two parts green veggies, and one part protein. For example, she might prepare a taro stir fry with three small taro roots, a leafy green like kale or bok choy, and an animal protein such as beef, chicken, or fish.

Here are some of her recipes:

Zuppa Toscana w/ Homemade Cauliflower Gnocchi

Zuppa Toscana with Homemade Cauliflower Gnocchi

This dish is a culinary delight ideal for anyone on the autoimmune protocol (AIP). The homemade gnocchi ensures you always have a quick, additive-free option ready to assemble in minutes. Moreover, this recipe is paleo and compliant with phase one of AIP, making it grain-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and devoid of the top eight most common allergens. Dive into a bowl of nourishment that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also supports your well-being.

See recipe

Salmon Poke Bowl

Salmon Poke Bowl

Get ready to enjoy a tasty adventure with our Salmon Poke Bowl recipe! It’s a mix of sushi and sashimi flavors. Whether you call it Poke in Japanese or Hoedeopbap in Korean, it’s all about a yummy combo of raw salmon, veggies, and rice. No need for fancy tools – making this bowl is super easy. Just put everything in a bowl, and you’re all set to enjoy the delicious flavors of our Salmon Poke Bowl. It’s a modern take on a classic dish, perfect for your home kitchen!

See recipe

Ukrainian Chicken Plov

Ukrainian Chicken Plov

Experience the nostalgic flavors of the Ukrainian Chicken Plov recipe. A cherished staple from Rachel’s childhood, this dish brings back memories of family gatherings and the delightful comfort of rice with chicken and vegetables. Known as Plov or Pilaf in America, this dish has its roots in the Middle East and the Caucasus region, with countless variations.

See recipe

When it comes to drinks, Rachel mostly sticks to water or herb-flavored water. Notably, she has given up coffee and now opts for green tea, matcha, or an herbal coffee blend, which can be found on her blog. Additionally, Rachel enjoys smoothies, especially during busy times. In the initial stages of her transition to a new diet, smoothies played a significant role, sometimes having two a day. She loves adding various veggies to her smoothies, making them both delicious and nutritious.

Staying Active with Paleo

In her Paleo journey, Rachel emphasizes the importance of physical activity. Rachel shares that daily movement is a big part of her routine. She got her 200-hour yoga certification many years ago and practiced yoga every day. Additionally, she enjoys incorporating pilates and weight lifting into her fitness routine. When she doesn’t do structured exercises, Rachel engages in somatic movement, stretching, or walks—a combination of activities that keep her active and healthy.

Connecting With Rachel

As a Paleo advocate, Rachel connects with a community interested in this lifestyle. Engaging with her audience is essential, and she tailors her approach based on individual needs, especially with clients. Rachel shares valuable insights on lifestyle, healing trauma, and achieving gut health through delicious, sugar-free food. You can find her on Instagram and TikTok, where she consistently provides support and advice to her followers.

What’s Next For Rachel

Rachel is working on updating her first eBook. The new version will have more recipes for gut healing, focusing on the Autoimmune Protocol and including lifestyle habits for overall well-being. She hopes to release it by mid-spring or early summer in 2024. So, stay tuned!

Rachel Galperin’s Paleo transition is a story of winning against health problems. Once affected by unhealthy habits and autoimmune issues, Rachel is now 100% better, generously sharing her insights as a health coach. Starting her Paleo adventure in 2020, she experienced a positive change, finding relief and balance. Her story is an inspiration to stay resilient, adapt to change, and discover the path to health and happiness. 

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Rachel Galperin’s Story: Overcoming Unhealthy Eating And Autoimmune Issues Through A Paleo Transition

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