Roxy Prystupa offers 7 options for breakfast, lunch and dinner in her “dream paleo week”. I personally don’t mind having avocado and eggs over and over again for breakfast. But once in a while I think what else I could make. Roxy suggests to rotate in such options as instant paleo ” oatmeal” made with crushed pecans and shredded coconut, a fruit omelet or her wonderful paleo pancakes. These options are great!

Enjoy her luxurious Cold Meats & Cheeses Platter or Orange Mango Chicken on Wild Rice for lunch, and such delights as Paleo Peach Porkchops and Dijon Garlic Chicken for dinner.

In her weekly plan she also includes recipes for desserts and sauces, for example Persimmon Coconut Trifle, Peach Ice Cream and Paleo Cashew Butter Chocolates!

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