Due to severe injuries suffered in the past, Sammy searched and found his own eating protocol that has dramatically reduced his pain. In the hopes it may help other people, Sammy shares his paleo WOE with everyone via his colorful Instagram account @sammykateb.

One other thing about Sammy’s eating plan is that he likes a nice cold treat in the hot months. In the dream paleo week he has put together for our subscribers he shares several yummy recipes of low carb / keto / paleo popsicles, most of them based on coconut milk. They looked so good that we had to get our hands on popsicle moulds and start freezin!

Another dish on the menu that we can’t wait to try is his luscious White Truffle & Lemon Zest Omelette with Caviar. Also Keto Shrimp Pad Thai and Keto Rustic Pizza!

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