Injuries can happen in the blink of an eye and for Simone Van Den Berg, a dogsledding injury in Norway turned her life upside down. Left bed-ridden and bound to a wheelchair unable to walk for six months, Simone turned to paleo and the Whole30 to get her health back on track and jump start her healing process. Today, while Simone still experiences pain every now and again, sticking to a mainly paleo diet has helped diminish it to a point that she can continue on with her life in a healthy and happy way. 


In light of gaining weight during her recovery, Simone has created a menu of all sorts of delicious recipes to help satisfy both your taste buds and belly while keeping hunger at bay. Loaded with a variety of vegetables and plenty of different flavours, Simone gives you recipes that make you look good and feel good.


Breakfasts will make both the sweet and savoury fans happy with things like chorizo bowls, beetroot pancakes, raspberry chia pudding, and even a mango breakfast burger. While lunches and dinners are packed full of fresh fruits and vegetables with dishes like spicy watermelon salad, easy avocado boats with tuna salad, cauliflower soup with bacon, poke bowls with cauliflower rice, Thai basil chicken and a nice roast of Leg of Lamb.


We promise that you’re going to love her menu — there’s something for everyone. Subscribe to our weekly dream paleo menu to access all of Simone’s delicious recipes.