Mother of 3 Stephanie Jean has struggled with OCD and generalized anxiety disorder since her early 20s and has tried many diets as a way of managing her symptoms. It wasn’t until she found paleo that she finally found something that worked. Not only did it help to manage her symptoms, but it also helped to cure the skin condition she was also dealing with. For Stephanie, paleo is a sustainable style of eating that helps her to understand how to eat intuitively while allowing her to keep a healthy mind. 


But just because she’s a busy mom doesn’t mean she eats plain food, either— rather, it’s quite the opposite and we know you’re going to love her dream paleo menu.


As Stephanie usually fasts during the morning with black coffee, lunches and dinners are something to look forward to. As a parent, meals consist usually of leftovers, or meal-prepped soups, salads, or larger dishes that she can use in various ways throughout the week. Lunches are on the lighter side with things like tuna salad or grilled chicken salads. Dinners tend to be the most time consuming, but she still makes sure they’re super simple with dishes like Southern fried pork chops, chicken piccata, flippin’ the bird chicken wings, not your mama’s meatballs, and (im)pasta fagipoli soup. 


If you’re a snacker, Stephanie loves to munch on things like jerky or beef stick, hard boiled eggs, and fresh fruits or veggies. 


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