We all struggle with body image issues at some point or another, Tory Griswold included. Turning paleo was the breaking point in her life that not only allowed her to focus on fuelling her body with real, wholesome foods, but it also helped her to live her life not focusing on how she looked. By consuming food that was healthy and tasted good, she was able to heal both her mind and body.


The creation of her blog was inspired by the belief that every person deserves to find their personal balance and healthy relationship with food. Cooking and sharing her recipes brings Tory joy, so she’s given us a weeks worth of delicious recipes using clean, wholesome ingredients.


If you’re a fan of international cuisines, Tory’s dream paleo week menu is for you. With some twists on your favourite traditional breakfast dishes, Tory gives you recipes like chocolate banana protein muffins, Nutella stuffed pancakes, kale and sweet potato sausage hash, and cinnamon french toast crunch, they’re sure to get your body going in the morning.


Lunches and dinners take a more eclectic flare with things like Korean baked chicken sandwiches, chicken lo mein, Veracruz fish tacos, pesto mushroom burgers, and a chicken enchilada skillet.


Combining all the flavours of the world with healthy, fresh, wholesome ingredients, Tory’s menu will leave both you and your family wanting more. Sign up for our dream paleo week menu to get access to all of Tory’s recipes and so much more!