We are A.J. Lawrence and Daria Gushchenkova. As we both have had transformational experiences while “walking the paleo walk”, we decided to join our forces to help spread the word on how paleo can help YOU achieve optimum health, improve performance and productivity, while extracting the most joy out of life! Here’s more about us.


A.J. Lawrence


Working with Daria Gushchenkova, a Certified Primal Health Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, we help folks who want to get back their Oomph, by taking control of our health and, more important, our lives, together.

If you really want to get your liveliness back, lose some weight, and live stronger, then we can definitely help you.

We are guides in the field of developing a full-fledged paleo lifestyle.

The reason I find it so important to build Paleo Menu to help others is that I needed so much help and Daria was there for me.

I’m a former High School and college track star, who now competes in long-distance open water races. As I progress with my primal lifestyle, I’m getting ready to begin the Ocean Seven Challenge.

I’m a successful repeat entrepreneur (having made the Inc. 500 list of Fastest Growing US Companies multiple times). I’m also an active angel investor with many early-stage health and fitness startups.

Three Years ago I placed second in an NYC amateur mixologist contest with a lovely gin-based cocktail, “the Twisted WASP”  

Almost two years ago after selling my last company, I moved to the south of Spain, the Costa Del Sol, with my family. I knew I had to change my life because:

  •  I was nearly obese, having gained over 40 lbs since I became a parent and building my last company
  • Three years ago I got struck with Chikungunya, a rare mosquito-borne disease that laid me out for over 8 months and left me with arthritis in many of my joints
  • Worse, two years ago, my then 12-year-old son, started easily lapping me in the pool when we swam together

Having moved to Spain, I knew I had to reclaim my health,  so I started researching all the cutting edge paleo, Whole30 and Keto plans out there. I was frustrated with how much so many of them charged for basic menus that gave you blah or just Internet scraped recipes to follow.

Then, 10 months ago, I found Daria Gushchenkova, PHC, HLC. She is amazing. She didn’t push any paid menus on me. As my coach, she helped me focus on building a primal lifestyle, picking the paleo/primal menus from around the world that was fun for my family and I to follow.

I have worked hard to regain my health and energy,  so now I’m able to chase my three children. And I can almost keep pace with my son, who now competes in many swim races here on the Costa del Sol. I also started surfing again and have lost 25 lbs.

Since I still have so much to achieve on my primal lifestyle quest, I knew I had to share it with others. I asked Daria, if she would be willing to develop a program to teach and coach groups of people, myself included on the path to living primal. She said yes.

So partnering with Daria, we are building out a community for like-minded folks trying to get their oomph back, be healthy and live primal.

If you want to take control of your health and life, join us to get support in optimizing your lifestyle through paleo!

We can definitely help you get YOUR Oomph back, lose weight, and live stronger!

Daria Gushchenkova


I love the primal space and all that it encompasses. My joy in life is being free to enjoy my family and paleo lifestyle allows me to do that. I have earned my Primal Health Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 Certifications, and I can’t wait to help more people on their journeys to owning their life through better eating strategies.

During my childhood my mother used food to satisfy her emotional needs by eating, and I followed in her footsteps. Then, during my teenager years, I started dieting, and all I got was a lot of deprivation (and, of course, a metabolic damage that comes with yo yo dieting) with very little results.

In my late 20s, I lost 15 kg on WeightWatchers, in 9 months, but after stopping, I gained it all back.

I finally realized that something was wrong with my paradigm. There was a piece missing in my puzzle, but I could not put my finger on it. Then I came across a book about insulin resistance and its role in weight management. I followed the book’s rigid eating plan for a while and saw the fat melt away quite quickly. But I couldn’t stick to it – it was hard for me to follow a strict eating protocol listed in the book, even though I felt I finally was on to something.

This led me to get interested in the primal lifestyle. I read Nora Gedgaudas’s book “Primal Fat Burner”. After just a few days of eating “primally”, I felt so good, and everything finally made sense. I started devouring books, blogs and podcasts on ancestral eating and living, and switched to a paleo way of eating for good. Since, I effortlessly dropped 15 kg of body fat in 4 months while on a ketogenic diet and never felt better. I know I am now on the right path.

My mission is to spread the knowledge I have learned and help people live a better life. For that reason I went through several certification programs in the primal space and joined forces with A.J. to create Paleo Menu.

I live in Valencia, Spain, with my #involuntarilypaleo husband, 2 step sons, and a primal eating dog and cat.